Postdoctoral Fellows

Abdesslem Jedidi, Ph.D.

Research Interests: Surface chemistry, Catalysis, Density functional theory

Laura Falivene, PhD

Research Interests: Catalysis, Computational modeling

Sai V. C. Vummaleti, PhD

Research Interests: Density functional theory, Organometallics, Gold catalysis, Olefin metathesis and homogeneous catalysis

Stefania Evoli, PhD

Research Interests: Molecular dynamics simulations

Yury Minenkov, PhD

Research Interests: Computational chemistry, Homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, Physical chemistry

PhD Students

Miasser M. Alghamdi

Research Interests: Density functional theory, Heterogeneous catalysis modeling

Sheikha Lardhi

Research Interests: Material science, Visible-light optical photoabsorption, Water splitting, Surface chemistry, Density functional theory