Modeling Heterogeneous and Nanoparticle based catalysts


Our aim is to understand, improve and develop new catalysts for reactions with a potentially high industrial return (dry reforming of methane, Fischer-Tropsch, CO2 reduction, etc. etc.). Our efforts are mainly focused on catalysis promoted by metallic heterogeneous catalysts as well as by metal nanoparticles, either supported or not.

  • Abdesslem Jedidi
      •  Highly selective Cu-In bimetallic electrocatalyst for the electrochemical reduction of aqueous CO2 to CO
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      •  CO dissociation on magnetic Fen clusters
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      •  Quantifying the Impact of Relativity and of Dispersion Interactions on the Activation of Molecular Oxygen Promoted by Noble Metal Nanoparticles
          B. Kanoun, L. Cavallo
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